Confession about Reading

I don't read novels. Indeed, I almost never read a book cover to cover. This is not to say I don't read, of course. I read all the time; a substantial part of my day is spent reading. For pleasure I mostly read articles on the web, but also some magazines and the occasional newspaper. For work I read journals and text books. But the fact is that I rarely enjoy reading book fiction. Every once in a while I try to read a novel, because it's one of those things I'm "supposed to do." I lose interest after 100 pages or so. Give me a good movie instead. A novel to me is like a 24-hour long movie. No story is that good. I don't think that political persuasion has anything to do with it though:

Pat Schroeder never seemed too bright to me. I once saw her lose terribly on Jeopardy, playing against Al Franken and another guy. Al tried to give Pat an opportunity to answer a question, under the category "Congress," pausing before finally giving his answer: "What is cloture?" He then paused and said "you know... one of us was actually in Congress..." Burnnnnn!