Revisionist History

Finally, the truth can be told about the Cold War

RANDY FORSBERG, who died this month at age 64, left a remarkable legacy: She helped end the Cold War, the most costly and dangerous confrontation in world history. ... . In 1980, she invented the call to freeze the nuclear arms race, and this simple but compelling idea - essentially, a moratorium on new nuclear weapons as a prelude to gradual disarmament - became the rallying cry for millions of people sickened by the rush to develop and deploy new nuclear weapons and missiles, space weapons, stealth bombers, and all the other expensive, provocative gadgets of the arms industry.

Yes, that's exactly how it happened. The Soviet Union was brought down by the "nuclear freeze" people. I can't wait until the history of the Iraq war comes out, naturally attributing its end to the tireless efforts of Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, and the 9/11 Troofers.

Spectacular Football Play

I don't watch much football anymore, just a few games a year. I figure I've pretty much seen it all. But I never saw anything like this.

Nobel Peace Prize Back on Course

The Nobel Peace Prize is back on course, i.e. on a downward spiral approaching zero credibility. Last year's award to Yunis and Bank, a reasonable choice, can be seen as an aberration.

  • 2007 Gore and the IPCC: His Holiness Chicken Little and a self-appointed, self-aggrandizing pseudo-scientific bureaucracy.
  • 2005 ElBaradei and the IAEA: More bureaucracy, dedicated to enabling and empowering dictators and despots.
  • 2002 Jimmy Carter: For his philosophy easily summed up as "I never met at terrorist or autocrat I didn't like, except of course for George W. Bush."
  • 2001 The UN and Kofi Annan: See 2005.
  • 1994 Yasser Arafat: For grand theft and mass murder.
  • 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev: For rolling tanks over the Baltic States, but not over Moscow, er... much. Like giving a prize to a guy for not beating his wife.
  • 1989 UN Peacekeepers. Perverts, but so ineffective!

Who takes the Peace prize seriously anymore? At least they didn't give the prize to Gore in Physics. Remember the 1995 prize in Chemistry to the "Ozone Hole" guys? What? You don't even remember the "Ozone Hole?" It was the Religion before Global Warming.

Cox & Forkum

In case you haven't heard, Cox & Forkum have decided to call it quits. It's a shame they were never picked up my more than a few newspapers.

Governor Patrick vs. Democracy

Our Governor Patrick has signed into law a bill that permits unionization without a secret ballot. It's clear what this is about. It's about union leaders strong-arming employees into unionizing when they can't do so through a legitimate vote. Since when is Democracy something to be feared? Governor Patrick's approval of this law is appalling.